Vegan, Vegetarian, Fruitarian… What’s The Difference?

Image: Unsplash

You’re vegan but you still wear leather too? Yes, I do! And a lot of other vegans do as well. Why? Simply because I’m not vegan for animals, I’m vegan for me. Don’t come for me PETA! But hey, it’s true. We’ve all come across that die-hard vegan who will let you know every fact there is known to man about why they don’t eat certain things.

So, what’s got people so curious yet confused about this whole vegan thing? There’s just way too many other versions of it! That’s not a bad thing–at all! It does, however, make it pretty easy to be confused with the many different types of dietary practices.

Well, here’s a breakdown of the differences between vegan, variations of vegetarian, and fruitarian:


Practicing a vegan diet excludes all meat, eggs, and dairy products, and usually any other food produced by animals, such as honey. However, strict vegan practices also avoid products that may seem