The Freelancers’ Guide to Health Insurance

Congratulations! You’ve taken the plunge from a 9 to 5 to self-employment but, not so fast. You still need to figure out how to offset the costs associated with providing your own health benefits now that you’re your own employer. We have some strategies to offer that can help you figure out what the best way is to insure yourself.

So, What Is a Freelancer or Independent Contractor?
A freelance worker, independent worker, or self-employed person is someone who does business on their own and does not work for any one company. As a freelancer or self-employed worker, people enjoy many benefits and flexibility, as well as work-life balance, but also have to manage all aspects of their work themselves. Health care coverage is one important consideration when you decide to become a freelance worker, or are self-employed.

How Much Does Health Insurance Cost for Freelancers?
Although it would be great to be able to give one number to answer this question, everyone’s health insurance rate will vary. However, before you worry about how much health insurance costs, consider that in 2017, according to Department of Health and Human Services the average American with a federal marketplace plan paid $106 a month after subsidies. In addition to the marketplace, you also have other options to find affordable health insurance.

We have some strategies to offer that can help you figure out what the best way is to ensure yourself and options of where you can turn to find health insurance as a freelance worker.


The Freelancers Union, which offers a health insurance plan, as well as