This Woman’s Near-Death Experience Put Her on a Path to A New Soul Purpose

Life is precious and every moment we have on this earth is a blessing. I recently had the opportunity to chat with America’s Pharmacist Ms. Peggy Riggins. Peggy has served as a licensed pharmacist for over 30 years on Chicago’s southside at Walgreen’s pharmacy. She has taken her passion for helping to treat the community into becoming a world-renowned speaker and champion for lifestyle coaching.

Riggins is regarded as one of the original pioneers of the self-care movement while changing the lives of everyone she meets. Almost a year ago Peggy had a near-death experience that would change her life forever. This experience put Peggy on a path to a new soul purpose, one that improved the baseline of health by embracing practices that include prevention and self-care.

BDO: Tell me who is Peggy Riggins?

PR: I am a mother, a grandmother, and a warrior! I was born to inspire the world and to change lives for the better.

BDO: You experienced a traumatic event last year, exactly what happened?

PR: In 2017 I experienced a health scare. I was found unresponsive on the floor in my home they believe for a few days, which ultimately lead to a coma and life support. After about 7 days something amazing happened I woke up to a full recovery.

BDO: How did this experience change your life?

PR: Seriously realizing that was indeed a