Solo Travel is the New Self Care: 6 Ways to Conquer

Traveling alone as a woman or any person may seem unusual at first. Why wouldn’t you want to go with your friends or that special someone to explore a new country? Group trips and bae-cations are great, but there is something so special about solo travel that will change the way you look at the world around you and the way you see yourself.

You Hold The Power
When you travel alone, you never have to compromise on the activities you want to do or the sights you want to see. The agenda is all yours to fill up with museums and tours, or to do absolutely nothing at all. My favorite thing to do when I travel alone is to wander aimlessly and get lost in a new city (with my GoogleMaps ready when I need to get home).

Besides cutting down on disagreements you might have with a larger group, you also hold all the power when you solo travel. You get to choose whether you want to ball out or be frugal with your trip with no one around to judge your decisions. You can opt to stay in or hang out all night long. You can sleep in and relax or spend the day doing as many activities as you can fit in a day. And if you don’t like something you chose, you can change your mind!

Let your Introvert or Extrovert Self Shine
Traveling alone does not necessarily mean you have to be alone 100% of the time. Other travelers, whether in a group or fellow solo travelers are always happy to befriend you and share an experience or two. You’ll never