Are Clinical Trials Really As Safe As They Say They Are?

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Bryana: Hey guys we are here live from Los Angeles with Brandy Starks. Clinical research manager of *Science 37*. How are you?

Brandy Starks: I’m good. How are you?

Bryana: I’m good. Thank you for having us. I’m really excited because we are going to be talking about clinical trials. That is something we have heard a lot about. We have myths around. People are really nervous about it. So, I’m really happy that you’re here because you’ll be able to dispel some of those myths and get us on our way to a healthier lifestyle. Tell me a little bit more or tell us a little bit more with your experience with clinical research and what you’ve been doing in your field.

Brandy Starks: Basically I went to Dillard University. I got my bachelor’s degree in Biology. I have my Master’s in Clinical Research Administrations from Washington University. I’ve been in Clinical Research for about 10 years. I’ve worked in ophthalmology, which is around the eyes. I’ve done *evirates* heart disease, and now at science 37, I work in multiple therapeutic sessions.

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