Meagan Good On Eyebrow Implants: “I Destroyed My Eyebrows”

(Photo credit: YouTube screenshot)

In October of 2017, Meagan Good shared with her followers that she would be skipping the eyebrow pencils and pomades and getting a hair transplant for her overly manipulated brows.

The way the procedure works is that a doctor takes hair from active and healthy follicles (usually the back of the head) and then meticulously places those hairs in the brow area. One of the benefits of such a procedure is that you can essentially create any shape and thickness you desire. With a short recovery time (roughly a week) most professionals claim results start to appear in a few months.

She uploaded a picture of her newly full brows and wrote: “My eyebrows are finally coming along after my #EyebrowTransplant! This has been such an eyebrow evolution journey lol, but finally starting to come full circle.”

She said “This is something I’ve always wanted. Seriously after destroying my eyebrows at age 19, I’m over the moon to share that there’s hope ladies! You can have a brow full of hair even after not having hair there for years.”

One of the ways that Good may have “destroyed” her eyebrows was through overplucking. Any of us can be guilty of it while trying to get the perfect arch and look of our eyebrows, sometimes we can over do it.

Overplucking: If you want thicker eyebrows, the first thing to do is to put down the tweezers. The first time you pluck a single eyebrow hair it can take up to six weeks to regrow, but long-term plucking can result in follicle damage that prevents the hair from ever growing back.

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Other less common potential reasons for thinning eyebrows include:

Nutrient deficiency: When you aren’t getting the right nutrients in your diet, it can cause hair loss, including thin eyebrows.

Hypothyroidism: If your thyroid isn’t producing enough hormones, one of the possible symptoms is hair loss.

Atopic dermatitis (aka atopic eczema): At some point, about 20% of people will have an inflammation of the skin that can make skin itchy, red, and swollen. This can also lead to thin eyebrows.

Alopecia Areata (aka spot baldness): An autoimmune disease where you lose hair from some or all areas of your body, usually starting with a small area on the scalp. It’s considered very rare and an unlikely cause for eyebrow hair loss.

Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy medications are engineered to attack fast-growing cancer cells, but unfortunately they also attack other rapidly growing cells in your body, like those at the root of your hair. Your hair may start falling out at the roots about two to four weeks after starting chemotherapy. The good news is that most of the time hair loss from…