Kids Ask Oprah For Advice, Now Have A Business Flipping Homes!

When you ask a child, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” you are automatically delaying what they want to do in life by stating that they have to wait years in order to go after their passion. But while many children their age would be playing games, watching their favorite cartoons or trying to figure out what kind of toy Santa is going to get them for Christmas, a group of friends decided not to wait on their passion and go for it.

In 2017, six Elementary School Kids grew tired of playing video games and watching TV, so after a chance meeting with the one and only mogul herself, Oprah Winfrey, they didn’t ask for a handout, they asked for advice.
“She told us to give back, work hard, and never give up,” said 8-year-old CEO Alianna on the Steve Harvey show. “If Oprah tells us something, I would do it because… she’s global!”

So, along with seed money from one of the parents, the young entrepreneurs ages 7 to 14, partnered up and launched Junior Flips, LLC (Jr Flips). Jr Flips takes distressed properties and transforms them into beautifully renovated single family homes in Washington, DC. and Maryland.

Upon getting their feet off the ground, they took out a small loan in order to get things started. Within six months they not only paid back their business loan, and in the first year, flipped two homes and made more than $250,000 in profit.

According to their website, Junior Flips mission is simple: With themes of Hard Work, Entrepreneurship, Work Ethic, Money Management, Team Work, Focus and Dedication-Junior Flips sets out to teach kids the importance of life values while chronicling the journey of these 6 kids as they navigate their flip projects. During the renovation, these junior flippers tackle major adult issues of hard work, conflict, theft, running out of money, deadlines, inspections, all while they race to get their flips finished.

“We’re trying to inspire other kids to go out and try dreams that they were scared to do,” said 9-year-old Dominic, the company’s Co-CEO. We’d say they’re off to a great a start. Keep up the great work, Jr.