Addressing How Clinical Trials ACTUALLY Work


One of the big differences and perhaps the most important difference between how we do things at Science 37 and how it’s done in, what we call, traditional science. Where somebody wants to who wants to participate would travel to a research site and spend time there, be involved in procedures during a work day, in ways that are not convenient.

They are more convenient for the clinical trial sites that patients would go to — 9 to 5, no after work hours, no benefits. What science 37 does is that we make it patient-centric. We ask our participants what works for them, and that’s how we build the clinical trial. But moreover, when we’re approached by companies that want to do clinical trials, we always make sure that we partner with them understand how important it is for people to participate in research by moving away from the barriers that prevent them from doing so.

So here at Science 37, we bring the clinical trial to the home of the patient, at their convenience – on weekends, and on evenings. So when that happens, people can feel more comfortable engaging in clinical research and contributing not only to their long health but also to the greater good of many people who can’t participate.