Follow Your Gut, But Strengthen it First

Sometimes it is the rumbling in your stomach that causes you to go a different direction when making a decision. It could also be this eery sixth sense that some might call “intuition” or foresight. Science calls it the enteric nervous system, and it lives in your stomach.

This vast system of neurons that lines your digestive tract is the reason you make great decisions from time to time. You ever heard of the phrase “trust your gut”? There’s actually a scientific relation to this age-old piece of advice. Psychology Today says that enteric nervous system is the reason for the butterfly-like feeling in the depths of your stomach. 90 percent of these psychological stress responses are responsible for carrying messages to your brain.

What’s funny is that they don’t take messages from your brain, they give it to them. You read it right. Your stomach pretty much tells your brain “I know what to do. Now YOU listen!”

The enteric nervous system lives inside of our digestive system and communicates with bacteria for the most part. This bacteria we’re speaking of is responsible for a number of different functions such as: digesting food, fighting viruses and germs, and also sending messages to the rest of our body to influence how we feel.

The strength of your stomach’s biome dictates how