5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Testicles

Everyone always likes to give men information about their actual penis. What about the balls? All you have in this world are your balls and your word right? Shoutout to Scarface for the quote. But seriously, little is known about the two organs in your fleshy scrotum besides the fact that they make sperm and hurt really bad when kicked in that region.

I’m sure you’ve always wanted to know why are your balls so wrinkly? We got you. Ever wanted to know why your testicles tend to hide? We got you. We hope you’ll fall in love with your balls after reading this article.

You’re Calling It The Wrong Thing…STOP
Many men think that using the terms “balls” and “testicles” interchangeably is correct. Wrong answer. Balls are actually comprised of three things: the scrotum, testicles, and the epididymides.

The scrotum is the fleshy skin sac that houses the testicles. The testicles refer to the oval-shaped organs that rest inside of your scrotum. The epididymides are attached to the tests and are responsible for transporting your sperm. You’re welcome.

Let ‘Em Hang
If you have ever been around a group of guys you might have heard the phrase “let your nuts hang”. This can mean a variety of things depending on the situation, the inflection in one’s voice or the person. In science when your balls start to hang it means that your body is getting too warm.

If you notice when it’s cold outside your scrotum tends to shrivel to preserve heat. The opposite happens when