Turning Wine Into Water: The New Healthy Drink

… we begin to notice the stronger taste and smell.

But aroma molecules are also more chemically similar to alcohol molecules than they are to water, so they tend to cling to alcohol, and are quicker to evaporate out of a drink when there’s less alcohol to cling to.

This means that the more alcoholic a drink is, the more it cloisters its aroma molecules, and the less aroma it releases into the air. Add water and there’s less alcohol to irritate and burn, and more aroma release.

Resveratrol-rich Vineyard Enriched Water comes in two flavors: Cherry Rosé and Peach Grigio. It sells for about $3.00 per each 16.9 oz bottle—or $30 per case of 12 bottles. It can be found on Amazon.

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