So…I Got a Man Weave. Let’s Talk!

Since the dawn of time blacks have been known for their creativity. A staple in the black community, creativity has been something blacks have always been known for in multiple spaces. Arts, music, fashion, and sports are a few to mention. No matter what it is there is a noticeable difference when you add a little “black magic” to it. Some call it flavor, and others may refer to it as “seasoning”, however whats undeniable is that when blacks put their touch on it nothing less than magic is the outcome.

Another space that blacks have long dominated is black hair. Every black girl can remember growing up getting their hair styled, and all black boys can remember their freshest haircut for photo day at school. Our creativity has produced some of the most extravagant and creative hairstyles for both men and women. While the hair industry may not seem very profitable to some, blacks know all too well how much it cost to slay with an amazing hair do.

According to the market research firm Mintel, the black hair industry is potentially a 500 billion dollar industry. While this sounds alarming at first sight, any black person or friend of a black person knows the amount of money that can go into black hair care. Sometimes the prices are extreme, however, we pay them to feel that feeling of getting out of the chair and knowing you are all that and a bag of chips.

Historically, women have always paid more for their hair and hair services. However, there is a new wave of innovation where men are now paying just as much if not more. In the past couple of years, #ManWeaves have been a thing so to speak.

A man weave is a hair extension solution to male pattern baldness or hair thinning which