Try This! 5 Aluminum-Free Deodorants That Actually Work For Men

Image: Unsplash

Organic, plant-based, aluminum-free, no parabens or phthalates, you name it. The ingredients in everything you consume and put onto your body should be at the top of your list of concerns and your deodorant shouldn’t be thought of any less. Something that you apply every single day should be a top priority. For men, deodorant is a big part of their daily hygienic routine.

Check out these natural deodorants strong enough to actually work for men too:

Schmidt’s Deodorant

Schmidt’s natural deodorants are uniquely scented and free of chemicals like aluminum and SLS. With scents derived from plants & minerals that smell really good, each product is completely vegan-certified with no parabens or artificial fragrances.

Kent & Bond Deodorant

Put your chemical worries to rest with this deodorant featuring Bentonite Clay that helps to kill bacteria and absorb moisture. This product offers incredible underarm protection with an organic, aluminum-free scent and formula.