From Fat To Fit: “There Is No Perfect Time”

(Photo credit: Urban Strength institute)

You’ve either heard it or you’ve said it. When it comes to losing weight, you hear, “Wait until I start this program…” or “I’m going to get fit this summer.” It’s always putting it off until Monday, until the weekend or whenever it is instead of starting now.

That used to be Kevin Tate too, until he made it mind up that there’s no time like the present to get started on his body transformation. And once he did, he did his thing! From his transformation, you can tell he lost not only weight, but he lost inches, gained muscle and a tone of confidence.

In an interview with the Urban Strength Institute, Kevin describes how he did it:

What’s one of the biggest things you’ve learned regarding training?

A: In terms of technical information, learning how to manipulate training parameters like reps, load, tempo, sets, and rest periods to achieve the desired training effect would have to be the biggest thing.

However, I also learned invaluable lessons regarding training philosophy. I was introduced to the theory of Kaizen, or constant improvement, which has a great deal of carryover to life outside the gym.

Q: What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome to lose it?

A: I definitely had to change the way I looked at food and eating. I mean, ice cream is my favorite food to this day! But it was necessary to go from treating food as something I’d eat simply for pleasure to considering food’s effect on the bottom line of energy balance and intended hormonal reaction.

(Photo credit: Urban Strength institute)

Q: What type of diet are you currently following?

A: My current style of eating is a version of the cyclical ketogenic diet that generally adheres to Paleo principles. I alternate periods of high fat/very low carb intake with relatively shorter periods of low fat/high carb intake. Protein intake remains, more or less, constant. This works well for me because, while I have gotten much leaner and my insulin sensitivity is markedly improved, I still don’t handle carbs as well as I’d like to be able to.

Food selection revolves around foods that you could hunt, grow, catch, or hatch.

Q: Do you take any supplements?

A: Yes. I usually stick with the basics and only branch out occasionally. Fish oil, magnesium, zinc, a multivitamin, protein powder, and…