Redefining Health In Every Part of Your Life With Coach Kenya

In 2017 a documentary titled “What the Health” was released to the American public.

This documentary did an excellent job of exploiting government policies and uncovering the less attractive side of the American food supply. Carnivores all around the globe were made to feel very uncomfortable about their food choices. As much as fear tactics are entertaining to watch, teaching proper nutrition through fear and angst is never a sustainable solution.

As a Health Coach Practitioner, I’m certain that people who want to live happy and healthy lives (by the way, not everyone does) must first learn the definition of health for themselves.

So, what is health? While there are many theories on what makes a person healthy, health is as individual as a fingerprint. We have all heard the different labels: carnivore, vegetarian, vegan or pescatarian; but, what does it all mean and, moreover, do labels equate to good health? The truth is, I consult with as many vegans as carnivores regarding weight loss and other health-related issues.

I like to explore with my clients the 5F’s of Health – Food, Fitness, Finances, Faith & Friends. One of these consistently without the other creates a deficient in our personal health.

Below is a summary of the 5F’s of health. Some of the responses might surprise you. The bigger message is to explore