5 Things Brides Should Know Before Their Wedding Day

Traditionally, weddings are one of the best days of a couple’s lives. They are filled with love, celebration, family, and friends. Most brides recall being on “cloud nine” during the ceremony and festivities and are excited to begin their new life with their groom. But no matter how amazing their wedding day was, there are a few things brides wish they would’ve known before their day arrived and below are a few of their tips.

1. Choose your bridesmaids wisely
 Choosing bridesmaids is very exciting and ideally, most women want to include their closest and dearest friends. Your bridesmaids are there to support you, calm you during stressful times and make sure your transition into marriage is as smooth as possible.

You do not want to pick friends that are non-supportive, selfish or self-centered no matter how long you have been friends. The people that surround you during this time commit to supporting you and your future husband through the ups and downs of marriage. This is why choosing reliable, healthy and responsible bridesmaids are the best option.

2. Be sure to eat and drink water on your wedding day
 This sounds silly but because of the excitement of the day and how busy it gets, most brides forget to eat food and drink enough water and they, in turn, feel terrible. Assigning someone to make sure you eat is the best way to avoid headaches, dehydration, and food-related fatigue on your special day.

3. Tell your photographer EXACTLY what shots you want captured
 Many photographers are