Flat Tummy Tips: Try This 5-Minute Crunch-less Ab Workout Now! (video)

Crunches and sit-ups are easily associated with discomfort and boredom. The key to avoiding this boredom is switching up your abdominal targeted exercises and finding moves you don’t absolutely hate. There are plenty of variations you could incorporate into your fitness routine, listed below are just a few!

1. Ankle Taps

Performed correctly, Ankle Taps target the obliques. Be sure to contract the abdominal muscles, drawing the navel down to the spine. Avoid curling your shoulders forward, using momentum and relying on your back and neck to perform the motion.

2. Sit Ups

One of the most common, and basic, of supine abdominal exercises, Sit Ups are often done wrong. When positioning your hands behind your head, it is best to