Steps To Consider Before Marriage With LMFT Danny Gibson (video)

Danny R. Gibson, LMFT: A lot of conversation needs to happen. And some very important conversations need to happen. I will see couples sometimes and they’re in a disagreement where they are in their life because they are on totally different pages on where they see themselves going. Discussion about children is very important. Do you want children? How many children do you want? If we have children how do you see yourself raising the children? Those are very important questions.

Discussion about finances. Who makes the most money? Is it okay if the wife makes the most money? Is it okay if the wife makes more money than the husband? How do you plan on spending the money? What are our financial goals going to be? Is it on to purchase a house? How are we saving up for retirement? Is there a rainy fund we’re going to create? Those are all very important conversations. Often, if not discussed it can become a very huge problem in the relationship.