Child Behavior: Grown Pains vs. Warning Signs | with Danny R. Gibson (video)

Danny R. Gibson, LMFT: Teenagers again are always going to be pushing back, always going to be challenging with parents. Again they are going to establish their own identity. However, when it becomes it more of a warning sign when the child begins to have a more emotional outburst. The outburst is out of control.

If they are temper tampering because you said ‘no’, they’re 14, that perhaps is to start believing there may be a problem. If they are having trouble managing their impulses, hitting walls and breaking windows, or having increase impulsivity, then that may be a reason to have a concern also when they can’t control their own emotions. Normal disciplinary actions are not enough then more intensive services may be needed. So, if you’ve grounded the kid, you’ve taken away privileges, you’ve done a number of things and no matter what you do it’s not working. Perhaps there is a greater need that may be needed.