Do You Have Post-Traumatic Relationship Disorder? 5 Ways To Find Out

When you think of post-traumatic stress disorder, I’m sure conjured images of military vets coming back from combat, plagued by anxiety, distrust, nightmares, and flashbacks come up. This isn’t surprising since war can be extremely stressful. But what we don’t often think about is that people can suffer PTSD after a variety of traumatic situations, such as being the victim of violence, sexual assault, difficult upbringing or even damaging relationships. Yes, believe it or not, a toxic romantic situation can also trigger PTSD symptoms. Here are a few signs to look out for when trying to determine if you’re suffering from post-traumatic relationship disorder.

1. You’re a commitment-phobe
It’s perfectly normal to take time to take time for yourself after a difficult breakup before jumping dating around again. However, be cognizant of if you want to date, but for some unidentifiable reason, you can’t. This might be a sign that your last relationship has left you with residual fear-based issues associated with trauma. This can stem from self-doubt when considering jumping into another commitment.

When that’s the case, it’s often a good idea to seek support from friends, family and therapy to pinpoint ways to move past the trauma and learn to trust again.

2. Your confidence is really low
If your self-esteem took a serious blow and you feel worthless after a breakup, it could be another sign of trauma. Many individuals who leave toxic relationships feel like they are