Get The Gains: Here’s Your Essential Bicep Workout

We’re not saying skip leg day. That’s important too. The arms remain one of the focal points of everyone’s workout. Biceps are one of the most noticeable muscles you have, so we put together a simple workout to get you bigger biceps in a month. It’s important to note that your arm isn’t only going to look 10x better by just exercising your bicep.

You should also focus on your triceps which make up a majority of your arm’s composition. Warning…you’re going to be lifting heavy this entire workout. A combination of heavyweights, great form, and calorie consumption will have you packing on the mass sooner than you know it.

Barbell Curl
1. Using an underhand grip, grab the barbell. Hands should be positioned almost wide as your hips. (To make the inner portion of your bicep bigger take a wider grip. For the outer part of your bicep bring your hands closer together on the bar).
2. Your starting point is your waist. Contract your stomach while curling the barbell up to your shoulder.
3. Make sure to squeeze your biceps at the top of the curl and slowly lower the barbell back to the original starting position.

Do not use your hips to lift the weight. Keep feet planted firmly while performing this exercise.

Repetitions: 3 sets of 10. Use bigger weights that still allow you to complete your sets.

Standing Resistance Band Hammer Curl
1. Find the center of the resistance band and step on it. Take each end of the band and grip it.
2. The bands should be parallel to