Suffering From Summer Night Sweats? There Could Be More To It Than You Think

thyroid disorder, all can contribute to night sweats. Consumption of hot or spicy foods and alcohol or caffeine also can also be triggers when it comes to night sweats.

Infections: People who suffer from tuberculosis may experience night sweats as a side effect. However, tuberculosis isn’t the only bacterial infection linked to night sweats, and others such as abscesses, osteomyelitis, and endocarditis may all cause night sweats too.

Emotions: Certain emotions can bring out the best or the worse in ourselves. Emotion-based conditions like stress, anxiety and disturbing dreams can all contribute to night sweats. So, keep a close eye out on what is happening at the time most of your night sweats occur to pinpoint the cause.

Idiopathic Hyperhydrosis: This condition causes the human body to sweat excessively without an identifiable cause and unfortunately is often genetic.

Environment: Excess bedding, close proximity to your partner, hot rooms, warm weather, saunas, tubs, and hot showers all may attribute to night sweats.

Medications: Certain medications can

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