Weight Loss Journey: “I Lost 5 Dress Sizes and Haven’t Looked Back”

My official weight loss journey began in July 2015. I always felt so sick, sluggish, tired and ultimately unhappy when I was overweight.

Prior to starting my weight loss journey, I was battling hypothyroidism, was vitamin D deficient and had really low calcium and these ailments made it difficult for me to lose weight.

It seemed like the odds were against me. I remember lying in bed one night and I cried and prayed to God that I would get help to be a better version of myself. A few weeks later, through a friend, I learned of an online weight loss program called Fitness on Fire Online Training that included a trainer and a nutritionist.

Yes, you read that right, a program all online! The program gave me the tools on how to incorporate better eating habits and guided me on what to do in the gym.

I went from eating fast food, junk food and the

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