“Why We Went To Therapy”–Black Men Speak Out

It’s hard getting Black men to go to the doctor. PERIOD. Dr. Michele Reed gave us tips on how to fix that, but now we have another giant we are facing. The fears run deep for many of our brothers, and it’s killing us. The anxiety of being told you have a potentially life-threatening disease is heightened when you also have personal stuff on your chest.

There are some issues that you can’t discuss with your regular doctor, wife, brothers, parents, barber or yourself for that matter. Mental health has been a hot and necessary topic for our community. Black men are starting to wake up and address their mental health as well.

Rappers have spoken candidly about their time in therapy, but what about those brothers who don’t have an album who benefited the same? I got an awesome opportunity to speak with other Black men who tried therapy and here’s what they had to say.

Why did you choose therapy?

McGee: When I was younger my mom took me to therapy after my parents got a divorce. I don’t really remember, but she said I used to act out a little bit afterward. I always remember it as a positive experience. It really encouraged me to write out my feelings and process how I felt about things.

I started again recently because

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