Easy Cuban Rice and Beans With Fried Plantains

…open them up by slicing each half down the center (should result in four strips)
– Place them in a bowl and sprinkle on a few dashes of salt. Toss the plantains and let them sit while the oil heats.
– In a skillet (cast iron works best) heat your oil on medium high heat. Just enough to halfway cover the plantains is fine.
– When the oil is really hot, place the plantain in the oil in a single layer. *Mine started to stick to the bottom of the pan so you may want to move them around a bit when you first put them in the oil.*
– Let them cook for 2-3 minutes on each side until golden brown. Reduce the heat if they are cooking to fast or starting to burn.
When done, drain on paper towels.
– Salt to taste and enjoy!

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