Is This The #1 Secret To Healthy Weight Loss?

The lazy days of summer are in full swing and if you’re among the half of all Americans who want to lose weight, you may be happy to know the key to shedding pounds may be in your sleep.

Catching an extra hour of ZZZs every night can give your brain the power it needs to balance appetite-controlling hormones and make wise decisions that will help you get beach-ready for summer.

“Almost a third of Americans are not getting enough sleep, so it makes sense that 160 million Americans are overweight or obese,” says Dr. Olusegun Apata,  a pulmonologist, critical care physician and sleep specialist with Advocate Trinity Hospital in Chicago. “Being short on sleep makes people fat.”

“Most people need between seven and nine hours of good-quality, uninterrupted sleep every night. When you are properly rested, your body will make enough of the hormone, leptin, which signals your brain to stop eating when you’re full. Your body will also produce less of the hormone, ghrelin, which tells the brain you’re hungry when you get enough sleep. Ghrelin is often to blame for junk food cravings late at night and when you tired,” says Dr. Apata.

“This time of year, it’s easy to feel more motivated and try to squeeze more activities into the longer daylight hours. But it’s critical that we schedule enough time for sleep – our overall health and waistlines depend on it,” says Dr. Apata.

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