4 Types of Quality Men Successful Black Women Overlook

As a matchmaker for black professionals, a good amount of my clients are African American women. In our consultations, I learn about the type of men they’ve dated in the past and are physically attracted to. I often find women disqualify men based on superficial ideas of what we think our dream guy should look like.

In reality, there are several attractive and eligible men we see on a daily basis but won’t consider because he’s not our ideal guy. Sometimes our dating pool is small because we exclude quality men we could have a healthy, loving, long-term relationship with. If you’re looking to meet more quality men, consider the 4 types of men listed below.

1. Men under 6ft tall.

The most common request from my women clients is height. My extreme clients only want to date men at least 6ft tall. Nearly all of my women clients want a man taller than them in heels. We were brought up to believe we should have a tall, dark, and handsome man.

In our culture, women believe