Compromising VS Settling In A Relationship–What’s The Difference?

All relationships require constant compromise. In fact, the most consistent relationship advice I’ve received from older women is “Choose your battles.” In other words, learn to compromise.

We know long-term relationships require hard work. Anytime two unique people from different backgrounds decide to become one, both will have to give and take. The day to day compromises like choosing a TV show or deciding dinner usually won’t lead to an argument. Those decisions are easy. We also know what settling looks like in the extreme. For example, we wouldn’t consider staying in an abusive relationship a compromise. We know that’s settling.

The challenge comes with the decisions in the middle where it’s not a day to day compromise or an extreme version of settling. And, it varies from person to person. A woman who really desires kids would be settling if she married a man who refuses to have children. On the other hand, a woman unsure about kids could find happiness with the same man. If you’re struggling with a decision in the middle, there are three sure ways to know if you’re compromising or settling.

A compromise is in line with your belief system. Settling contradicts your beliefs.

You had your own moral code before the relationship. You had your