Daily Stretches To Optimize Your Health

We look forward to a few things in the morning. Breakfast perhaps. The start of a new day. Usually, the morning stretch is one of those quick wins to start our day off right. That morning stretch feels the absolute best. When 5 pm hits for your gym appointment the same enthusiasm for stretching is nowhere to be found.

It’s one of those activities that become mundane and routine at times, but necessary. The risk of injury is higher when you don’t stretch pre or post workout. What sucks, even more, is working your butt off for several hours in the gym all for it to go to waste because you didn’t take the extra few minutes to stretch.

We can’t let you go out like that. Before you go off to the gym today check out what we found out about stretching.

A lot of us are still doing (or half-heartedly) doing the same stretches that we learned in grammar school. It might involve a simple toe touch, light arm swing or two, topped off with a few calf stretches. First, there are several different types of stretching.

Types of Stretches

Static Stretching

Static Stretching is when you