How Luke Cage’s Mike Colter Stays Ripped For Netflix Hit Show

After downing foes Diamondback and Cottonmouth in season 1 of Luke Cage, Mike Colter had to go back to the drawing board for season 2 of the famed Netflix series. Getting prepared wasn’t easy for the actor from South Carolina. He currently lives in Los Angeles but shoots in New York City. Due to his back and forth travel he’s had to compromise the rigor of his workouts. But just like his character he prevails and makes it happen.

Men’s Health spoke with Mike Colter about his grueling shooting schedule and his preparation to become the chiseled Luke Cage.

Finding the time to workout is a challenge enough without having to worry about traveling back and forth between cities. Colter has found a way to stay razor cut despite all of the movement.

“Today’s a workout day, but I don’t know when I’ll work out again, because tomorrow my day is full,” he continued. “I travel to New York City on Wednesday, so it’s very difficult to get my workouts in. If I get two days a week, I’ve got to make the most of them; if I get three days, that’s great.”

His preferred workout when’s he on the run involves