Living A Marijuana-Free Life Has Benefits: Marz Lovejoy Weighs In

one of my closest friends. I tried to smoke the pain away, but knew I could not – I had to face reality. The man I was seeing (Office Magazine’s EIC Simon Rasmussen) was 12 years sober.

The combination of losing a friend and gaining an extremely special lover who gave me an ultimatum (stop smoking, or he couldn’t seriously date me), inspired me to quit cold turkey. November 10th, 2016 marked the beginning of my weed free life. I went on to marry and have a baby with Simon. My life has been skyrocketing ever since.”

Now, I won’t pretend like putting an end to years of smoking will immediately grant you the key to happiness. Nor am I aiming to shame weed smokers, because I completely understand the reasons why people do it. All I’m saying is that I love my weed-free life and it has blessed me with advantages. A few more of these advantages are decreased feelings of fear regarding my health and more time to work on my passions.

Marz also outlined some of the benefits of deciding to put the weed down. The new mother shared, “My mind is more clear, my dreams are more vivid, I’m not lazy anymore, any paranoia or anxiety I had has diminished, [and] I can own my feelings in full — experience the happy and sad substance-free. My life has become more fulfilled and rewarding.

No more excuses…No more dulling my emotions.”

In closing, if you’re thinking about quitting, go for it. Don’t be afraid of a lifestyle change and try to surround yourself with those who encourage this new phase of your life.


Brooklyn White is a journalist with content featured on Teen Vogue, Rookie Mag, and Bitch Media.