Real Friends: A Recent Study Says Only Half of Your Friends Actually Like You…

Image: Unsplash

When you find that person who is that ride or die, that person who you can disclose any information without any judgment or fear of it getting out to the world… you’ve found a lifelong friend. So, why is it so hard in 2018 to find a close friend who you can tell all your deep secrets to and who really wants to be there for you?

According to a recent study, results showed that, ultimately, feelings regarding the level of closeness between two “friends” were only mutual 53 percent of the time. Thus, resulting in roughly half of all relationships being built without an equal understanding of how close the two “friends” really are.

This could potentially be due to the fact that every person defines what friendship is and what makes up a friend differently.

For instance, for one person, getting lunch every day and making small talk can mean that they’re close friends with the other person, whereas that other person might only consider them as barely an acquaintance.

So, is it just a misunderstanding? Do people really know the