COPD Patients May Breathe Easier with Tai Chi

Did you know black Americans have lower sitting heights and different metabolism of cigarette smoke, which can be associated with COPD? Blacks are also disproportionately exposed to more secondhand smoke due to higher levels of poverty and an increased likelihood of living in a multi-unit dwelling. It’s time to start looking for solutions.

According to a new study, people struggling with COPD might find some relief in an ancient art.

The centuries-old practice of tai chi appears to boost the exercise capabilities and the quality of life of those with COPD, a study from Chinese and British researchers suggests.

COPD is a chronic, debilitating and largely incurable form of progressive lung disease affecting more than 11 million Americans, according to the American Lung Association. A combination of bronchitis and emphysema, it’s the third biggest killer in the United States.

Many COPD patients require hands-on pulmonary rehabilitation.

“The function of breathing requires the participation of