4 Signs That Taking Care Of Your Extending Family Is Hurting You

It is very common for a lot of us to take on the burden of not only ourselves but for our extended family. Studies are showing that many black families deal with this issue and now certain industries are using it against us when deciding the value of a person. They will give better resources such as an approval on rent or a loan for a white person that has $20K and a black person that has $20K because they think more of their money will stay within them and not go to an extended family member.

This sparked a huge debate on Facebook and lead me to develop 5 signs providing for your extended family is hurting you.

1. You Never Have Enough Saved Up Each Pay Period

Do you a goal of how much you want for an emergency fund? How about an investment property? Do you want to start a business? In reality, it takes money to make money. If you feel like you are always behind because of the day to day, I advise you to really visualize how life would be and how much more you can help if you took the time to get your dreams and goals out of your head. Most modern millionaires have a minimum of 7 streams of income. Are you in a position to start your road to 7?

2. You Keep Putting Off Your Dreams

The worst thing to do is to wake up and realize everyone, including those that you

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