This Woman’s Resilience Has Inspired A Movement

Resilience isn’t a skill we’re born with but an attribute that we acquire over time. Resiliency is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties or toughness. It’s the ability to spring back to its natural state after it has been tried. A person being resilient is like being a human slinky according, to Dr. Jon Wortmann author of the book “Hijacked by Your Brain”.

A slinky can be stretched and bent out of shape several times but it always seems to bounce back rather quickly. We all have some form of resiliency whether we realize it or not. I recently had the opportunity to talk with one woman who is not only resilient, but she shows a human strength that is absolutely incredible.

LaTrice “Elle” Davis is a steadfast professional striving to make organizations and people better. As a trained Social Worker with nearly two decades of non-profit management experience, Elle has always had an affinity towards people; inspiring them to see the best in every situation.

This optimistic attitude was put to the test in 2014 when Elle unexpectedly became a widow. Losing her husband was devastating and one of the lowest points of her life. Instead of allowing that loss to overtake her, Elle began to share her story and encouraging others who were facing their own obstacles.

Born of that loss is her signature talk, Resilient Living: Turning Your Obstacles into Opportunities. She has also created a beautiful online community called Circle of Wives which is designed to encourage and equip women on the “wife journey.”

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