Financial Troubles: When Is The Right Time To Ask For Help?

We all are going through something, right? When times get tough, financially, when is the right time to reach out to friends and family for support? These thoughts are nothing new nor to be ashamed of.

However, how do you know you’ve done all that you can do on your own first? Looking for some guidance to correct a current money rut you’re in? Keep in mind these helpful tips to assure your timing and urgency is received with open arms:

Know who you’re asking. Of course, we would all love to know that if times were to hit hard, our close friends and family would help no matter what. But the reality is that not everyone is financially or physically able. Whoever you ask should actually be able to spare the extra cash and not just appear to be able.

Timing is everything. We know that a financial crisis can certainly come unexpected but, let’s be real, we

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