10 Cities With The Highest HIV Rates

link below to find a testing center in your area. Testing early might result in a false-negative, so be sure to tell your testing site if you think you’ve been infected recently.

6. Memphis, Tennessee – 27.6

“A particularly concerning statistic from 2014 shows that about 2,000 people in Memphis who have the disease are not aware of it,” GetTested.com reports. “So they may continue to spread the infection.” African-American gay and bisexual men are most affected by HIV, according to AIDS.gov, followed by white gay and bisexual men.

Heterosexual contact accounted for 24 percent of all diagnoses in 2015, and 6 percent of infections were the result of injection drug use.

5. Orlando, Florida – 28.8

According to the CDC, the rate of HIV diagnoses in Orlando

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