Cherish The Time–For Real

There’s a universal law that never changes…time marches on.

As Christmas approaches, I’m reflecting on the fabulous Thanksgiving holiday full of food, family, laughter, and love that I had with my family. It was crystal clear to me that times like this are to be cherished. Moments of happiness aren’t to be taken for granted, because in a heartbeat life can permanently change. Accidents, sickness, fires, storms–all can change the trajectory of the best-laid plans. So, I’m truly focusing on the things that feel good, people who mean a lot and where I choose to spend my time.

How many times have we thought, “There’s always tomorrow?” Well, sometimes there isn’t.

Mom and Us – Thanksgiving 2018

This is a shot of my Mom, Gwen Hilliard, two of my sisters Gloria and Wendy and my niece Amina as we headed out to dinner at a restaurant for the first time for Thanksgiving. For 20 years, I was the CFO…the Chief Food Officer of our annual Thanksgiving reunion of over 30 people…Whew! My daughter Angelica is now the CFO after I “let go of the spoon”–LOL. But this year, she had to work, and I wasn’t coming out of retirement to cook! So at the urging of my cousin Adele, I suggested kindly but directly, that we had to try something new. So off we went to Sullivan’s in Baltimore and had a great time.

We cherished every moment of Thanksgiving week. Making ComfortCake with my grand-nieces; Angelica, in fact, cooking on Friday so the crowd would have leftovers, including her now-famous Macaroni and Cheese–(she took my recipe and

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