6 Steps To Getting Through Grief During The Holidays

The holidays can certainly stir up a lot of feelings. It’s the one time of the year where many have time to reflect on the ones they’ve lost and the memories they’ve left you behind with. Feeling like you’re alone during that time can hurt the most. You may feel like no one understands or that everyone “thinks” that they do know what’s going on with you. If you’ve lost someone, it’s okay to feel it hit you even harder during the holidays, but trust and know, that you will see a brighter day.

Here are six steps to get through grief during, what many may consider, the most joyous time of the year:

Surround yourself with loving people.

If you’re feeling that empty feeling of a lost one, surrounding yourself with people who love you most is critical. No one can ever replace who you’ve lost but they can certainly fill your heart with love. Call up that cousin that makes you smile every time you see her or that friend that always has an open ear.

Do an activity that makes you happy.

Staying inside and drowning your sorrows will only aid you temporarily. But if you take

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