Meeting The Parents? Here Are 6 Tips To Making A Lasting Impression

Meeting the parents of your significant other for the first time somehow always seems to fall around a holiday. This means not only are you meeting their parents but quite possibly the entire family. If you’re feeling like a nervous wreck, here are 6 tips to making a lasting impression:

Come on time.

Nothing’s worse than waiting on someone you barely even know. Plus, you would only be giving them ammo against you for the entire night! Avoid being the bunt of every joke, and trust me, just come on time!

Never come empty-handed.

When you’re meeting the parents of a significant other, more than likely, it’ll be at their home. Make them feel appreciated for opening their homes to you by bringing them something simple yet significant. It can be an aged rare wine or even a nice corkscrew that can become a family heirloom. Make it thoughtful.

Be helpful.

No matter how smooth you think everything is going, the host can

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