All Sugar Is Not Made Equally: Here’s The Deal With Refined Sugar

sugars have been linked to conditions such as higher blood pressure, inflammation, fatty liver, and diabetes to name a few. Studies have shown that the increased calories from sugar cause an increase in fat in the body. This excess fat not only affects our appearance, but also our internal organs such as heart, liver and even brain.

Sugar-Based Diet

On the average American’s diet, the majority of sugar we consume comes from beverages such as juices, sodas, and sports or energy drinks. Other frequent sources of sugar consumption include dairy products, cookies/cakes, and most processed foods.

Even consumer goods you would not think contained sugar often do, such as soup, bread and even meats. Additionally, because sugar products are added to everyday consumer goods to increase shelf life, the majority of Americans consume over 80 grams (almost 20 teaspoons) of sugar daily on average. Those additional 80 grams daily amounts to an extra 66 pounds of weight yearly.

What to Avoid

Paying attention to product labels can help you to avoid products with added sugar. Common added refined sugars include: corn