8 Exercises To Work You Out While Still In Your Day Clothes

While working your 9-5 and then going home to run your 6-10, tend to family needs or have a life, workouts tend to be the first thing on the list to not get done.

Here are 8 exercises you can do while still in your day clothes.

The Exercise Ball – more and more people are opting into having a medicine ball as their chair for a few hours a day. It helps with your core, balance, and back. You can take breaks out the day to do the following exercise ball exercises.

1. Moving your hips in different directions while sitting on the ball can help improve your posture, flexibility and strengthen your lower back and core muscles

2. Crunches – laying on the ball you can do as many sets of crunches as you like, without getting on the store. You are able to really work on your abdominal muscles doing this.

3. Squats with the ball