Here’s How to Get More Done in the Gym In Less Time

to focus on cardio, jot down in your phone how much time you want to spend on your favorite cardio machine. You can take it a step further by giving yourself cardio intervals. For example, walk or jog for 3 minutes then sprint for 1 minute. The more detailed your plan, the less time you’ll spend thinking when you get to the gym.

Next, figure out what equipment you need to finish your workout: Barbells, treadmill, leg press machine, steps, etc.? Pick a few pieces of equipment that you need and use that to map out your workout and cut out the time you would normally spend wandering around.

Put Your Phone on Airplane Mode:

You can cut out a lot of wasted time at the gym by eliminating distractions from your workout. Your workout might be impossible without your phone and your music, but your phone can also be a huge distraction and time-waster at the gym. Don’t be that guy who takes up the leg press machine scrolling through Instagram and taking selfies without actually breaking a sweat. Instead, download your favorite playlist and turn your phone on airplane mode. This will keep you from falling into the cellphone trap and make sure that you can get in and out of the gym in less time.

Limit Breaks Between Exercises:

Regardless of whether you circulate between

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