5 Benefits Of Breastfeeding For New Moms

those of us who can, it can save you a ton of money. The only supplies you need is food to nourish your body and maybe a few extras.

If you plan to return to work you will need a breast pump in order to express your milk but you can get one for free through your insurance. Services like AeroFlow work with your doctor to get one shipped to your house before your due date. Reusable nursing pads and nipple shields are other tools that can be bought to make your experience easier but even with these extra purchases you will be saving hundreds by choosing to breastfeed your baby.

Breastfeeding is more efficient than bottle feeding!

Not only does breastfeeding cut down costs, but it also cuts down feeding time. Without having to set aside time to clean bottles, measure out formula & water and make sure you don’t run out of either during the middle of the night, you are just left with the time spent nursing your baby. The benefits of cutting out all of the extra prep work are really felt during those late night and early morning feedings when you are deep in the sleep deprivation that comes along with caring for an infant.

The efficiency of breastfeeding also benefits moms on the go. There are a lot fewer supplies you need to stuff into a diaper bag or the back seat of your car when headed out to dinner, shopping trips or social functions when all your baby needs to eat is your boob!

Breastfeeding helps weight loss after pregnancy!

If you are active on social media you know that just a few days or weeks after a celebrity gives birth the inevitable ‘snapback’ picture will be posted on Instagram, showing off that insane post-pregnancy weight loss. Well, most of us regular folks aren’t lucky enough to