Prioritizing Hair Before Health: Black Women Have Highest Rates of Obesity In The U.S.

standards before daily physical activity then we will continue to suffer from obesity, type I and II diabetes, hypertension, and a host of cardiovascular linked diseases. We have to learn our hair and learn what works for our hair and part of knowing what works for our hair is knowing what is working for our bodies first. For example; if you suffer from hair loss and or alopecia most likely you would not be a good candidate for a relaxer.

Applying a relaxer in this condition can cause worse effects on the body internally and externally. This is an example of how prioritizing a “look” or standard of beauty you wish to have is less important than maintaining the health of your hair and scalp. If you did apply the relaxer the chances of the quality of your hair and scalp being healthy are slim.

Or another example is if you simply keep choosing not to participate in physical activity because you don’t want to sweat your hair out. I have fell victim to using my hair as an excuse for not going to the gym and I consciously know, making this excuse is not going to lead me down a healthy quality of life. It is recommended the average person get a minimum of 150+ minutes of moderate to vigorous activity a week to maintain weight, lean muscle, balanced pressure, blood sugar and to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Hair is only one of the many reasons 4 out of 5 Black women in America are obese hence the lack thereof support, facilities, education, and safety for at-risk environments. There are centuries of pain and hurt surrounding Black hair and if we can begin to spread more awareness about how beneficial it can be to our wellness we can reverse the disease and illness amongst our sisters, mothers, daughters, aunties, and nieces.

There is already a stigma around Black women in the fitness industry as there is a huge lack of representation. There is some truth in that representation, in that Black women are least likely to

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