The No-Gym-Required Fitness Plan You Need to Crush Your Fitness Goals

Yes, you can make your new year’s fitness resolutions happen this year; and no, you don’t need a gym to get it done, thanks to SWEAT Season, the new 8 Week Fitness Challenge from Get Fit Like That.

We all know the horror of the super-crowded gym whenever a new year rolls in. Just the thought of waking up at the crack of dawn, braving that spiteful early-morning chill, making the journey to the gym, waiting around for your favorite gym equipment and rushing to do a makeshift workout before heading to work, is enough to make you want to throw your whole gym bag away get back to hibernating until spring.

If you could just skip all the headaches that come with braving the new year’s crowds, your fitness goals might just have a fighting chance. You’d be unstoppable if only you could save some of your precious time and get a serious workout done in your living room. Fortunately, Get Fit Like That is launching an 8-week fitness challenge that lets you ditch the gym altogether.

The challenge is called SWEAT Season, and just like it says in the name, it’s guaranteed to help you sweat your way to your fitness goals this year. And you can do this without the 5 AM alarm clock, the annoying traffic, and the crowds. Instead, you can stream your workouts to your living room and sweat it out with Coach Sharita and her fit crew. The workouts will keep you guessing, getting stronger, and most importantly, working up a sweat.

A Peek Inside the SWEAT Season Challenge

When you join SWEAT Season, you’ll get immediate access to an entire library of workouts and an easy to follow programs to keep you on track. The workouts