Ballin On A Budget Birthday Gift Guide

We all want our loved ones to know how much we care about through the most perfect, thoughtful gifts on their special day. But often, we can’t afford those expensive presents they desire the most. That’s why we’ve gathered a list of gift ideas that will surely put a smile on their faces and not make a dent in your wallet!

For Grandparents Or Parents: Homemade Condiments

Most people no longer have relatives that make things like homemade jam, pickles, mustard, or salsa. You can create a batch of one of these items and buy a carton of pretty jars to give to everyone you know.

It will only take a few hours of baking on an afternoon and the gifts will end up costing less than $5 each. For larger gifts, make your own set of three different flavors of something like jam or mustard. Here’s a huge list of other cheap gifts you can make with jars.

For Your Partying Friends: Liquor

Who doesn’t need a drink after months of adulting and responsibilities? Buy a few handles of vodka, infuse something interesting into it, and redistribute into pretty (smaller) bottles you can buy at any craft store. You could make Bloody Mary infused vodka, candy vodka, or Bacon-infused bourbon.

For Your Sentimental Loved One: Photo Album

Make your own mini

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