6 Steps To Kickstart Clean Eating

People often go through hoops and bounds to achieve their ideal body. From waist trainers to Crossfit, the efforts to get healthy and in-shape are endless. Yet, a simple clean-eating lifestyle is often the last tactic on our lists.

Clean eating comes with a host of health benefits, from flushing your system of toxins to finally clearing your face of acne, down to losing weight and even helping to prevent diseases. Eating whole foods in their most natural state and avoiding processed foods, such as packaged and canned foods, offers certain health benefits. Variations of this lifestyle may also include eliminating gluten, grains, and dairy products while promoting the consumption of raw food.

Think this may be the right fit for you? Here are 6 steps to get started today:

1. Drink Water Only

As always, the first step to any health kickstart is consuming more water. Some of us get “water” confused with drinks that contain water. If it contains sugar, caffeine, or other unnatural ingredients, it’s not the type of

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