Meditation For Beginners

We’ve officially made it half-way through 2019! Time is flying but it’s not too late to start new routines and habits. Meditation is a great way to gain clarity, relieve stress, and feel happier and healthier.

The image of meditation is often painted as one of extreme discipline (which translates to difficulty for a lot of us) and one reserved for yogis and Buddhist monks. That image, however accurate, doesn’t limit meditation to those groups only. Meditation is something that can benefit everyone. It can help increase self-awareness, lower stress levels, and improve all areas of life.

Meditation is an amazing tool that can help us feel calmer when faced with difficult and stressful tasks. The more we practice it, the more we engage parts of the brain we typically don’t use. It helps us control emotion and anxiety responses, lengthens attention span, generates kindness, helps to fight addictions and may even reduce age-related memory loss.

The thing about meditation is that you must practice it in order to create a habit. For most people, meditation doesn’t come easy because it does take some level of discipline and

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