Embracing Disability Inclusion Within The Fitness Industry

are able to be physically active. This means we need more than just accessible entryways and bathrooms.

We must also consider senior citizens and those who can’t stand long because of their weight. Bringing fitness programs for all bodies to the forefront of fitness can make a world of difference for many people who feel forgotten or ignored.

There are some fitness professionals who do stand out for their efforts to emphasize the importance of inclusivity. Their efforts have helped people who have been “othered” for most of their lives find joy in working out.

There are fitness professionals who have gained popularity via their YouTube Channels for their chair workouts. Fitness professionals like Paul Eugene, have been working in the industry for years and have made it a point to provide chair and wheelchair workouts with aerobic and fat burning themes.

Some instructors specialize in specific types of chair exercises, like Alexis Perkins, who designs cardio dance chair workouts for senior citizens and people going through physical therapy.

As far as visiting gyms and attending classes, it depends on where you go. Not all fitness spaces are created equal. Some gyms are prepared to accommodate people with